Driver Attire:

Black, Navy Blue or Dark Grey suits. Clean and pressed white or blue dress shirt. Dress tiethat is fully knotted and worn snugly around the neck. Wear polished black dress shoes.

Conservatively cut and neatly trimmed hair.Wear simple design and conservative jewelry.Clean shaven or beards which are neatly trimmed and conventionally shaped.

No smoking in, or visibly near vehicle. No eating in vehicle while waiting for passenger. Car kept clean of food, litter, and food odors.

Vehicle Care:

Personal belongings stowed neatly in trunk.The Vehicle equipment is neat, orderly and completely functional. Vouchers, logs, and maps stored neatly. Reading material kept up-to-date and neatly arranged. A Interior of vehicle kept clean at all times. Exterior of vehicle kept clean at all times.


Driver does not initiate non-essential conversation. All driver comments are free of sarcasm,vulgarity, and profanity. Driver responds professionally to all passenger questions, concerns, and/or complaints. Driver does not dominate a conversation.

Passenger pick-up:

Driver will attempt to stand outside the vehicle at pick-up point. Driver makes him and the vehicle visible at pick-up point. Driver is pro-active in looking for passengers.Atlas Limo Inc, Inc. Signs will be used to increase visibility at all pick-up points. Driver introduces himself to passenger at pick-up point. Driver will assist passenger with luggage or other materials. Driver opens and closes door for passenger.


Driver ensures passenger comfort throughout the trip by adjusting air-conditioning/heater,radio volume, and lighting to desired levels.Driver will ask passenger if he or she has a preferred route.

Passenger drop off:

Driver stops at point safest and most convenient to passenger. Driver opens door and assists passenger out of vehicle and to Destinations entrance. Driver assists with any luggage. Driver thanks passenger for using Atlas Limo Inc.

Internal Communication:


Pre-Trip Planning:

Driver pre-plans route and includes possible alternate routes. Driver has appropriate maps and GPS at all times.

On Time Arrival:

When possible, driver arrives early at pick-up points. A Driver is familiar with appropriate pick-up point.

Map Skills and Location Knowledge:

Drive uses map skills to pre-plan routes. Driver is familiar with pick-up/drop-off points in the city and at the airports. Driver knows special pick-up points for certain customers, i.e.,handicapped entrances, stage doors, etc. Driver is knowledgeable of the city's road layout, general traffic trends and problem spots. Driver is confident in using all major routes in, out of, and around the state.

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